Busy-ness and Business

I’ve been busy writing funny things that I hope other people will say on the wireless and other such unlikely places. That and having a bit of a life. The latter is, I fear, incompatible with stand up comedy. Which will win? Normality or my need to humiliate myself in public. Watch this space… Although … Continue reading

I’m back – Gig at Party Piece on Tuesday

If you want to see my entirely unawaited return to comedy come down to Party Piece on Tuesday( 20th).¬† It’s at the Queen’s Head. No, not that one, this one in Islington.


I feel slightly bereft. As if I have lost the use of one of my hands. I left my bag on the bus – with my laptop in it. (On the off chance that YOU picked it up, please send it back – I won’t tell.) Fortunately everything important was backed up online and no … Continue reading

Caversham Comedy Club

The reason I’ve not been posting so much recently is that all my time has been spent preparing for and marketing a new pro night I’m promoting, Caversham Comedy Club. Have look at the beautiful website I’ve crafted for it http://www.cavershamcomedyclub.co.uk.

I was on at Laughing Horse Kingston

But only just! When it had past the official start time and literally ZERO audience had turned up, most of us were in favour of calling it a night (and getting back to the cold train station for the 1 and 1/2 hour journey home – cue violins). James suggested we wait till 9pm. And … Continue reading

I’m on at Touching Cloth tomorrow night

That the Dead Comedian’s Socks night at Dirty Dick’s right by Liverpool Street Station. 8 o’clock start if you fancy it. It you’re a comic (or even if you aren’t) there is also the possibility of five minutes if you ask nicely.  

Overcoming nerves

(I told you I’d be back!) It’s natural to be nervous doing stand up, even at the 2 men and half a dog level I’m at. I used to think they were a good thing, that I needed the energy from them. But it wasn’t helping. I’d fluff lines. I wouldn’t interact with the audience. … Continue reading

I haven’t forgotten you.

I am still alive, my lovely (largely imaginary) blog readers. I am just incredibly busy with boring things that you wouldn’t be interested in. No, really. You wouldn’t. I will write some more soon – most notably about Tez Ilyas’ wonderful night the Covent Gag-Den, which I was priviliged to perform at last week. See … Continue reading

Confidence in my material

I’ve decided¬† that confidence in my material is quite an important thing. I mean this is in two ways. 1. I need to be confident that I’ll remember my material. Obviously. 2. I need to be confident that it’s funny. The second is the most important as if I don’t believe it’s funny and sell … Continue reading

Well that’s January for you

Not only is it cold and dark but I’m ill as well. At least it has given me some time to catch up my iplayer “to watch” list. Saw episode 2 of um… Episodes. It’s not as bad as everyone says but feels like it ought to have been better. I’m not the first person … Continue reading