Promoting a (Professional) Comedy Night

Hopefully I will be, starting in March. Out in Reading. Watch this space. Advertisements

Off to NZ

I’m off to NZ for four weeks to see the rellies and show them the baby. I’m unlikely to get any gigs out there so there won’t be so many practical useful posts on here either. But you may see a stream of vague pieces about the philospophy of comedy or running a gig on … Continue reading

Me in a magazine.

I have a confession to make. I have a day job. I do not make all my income from comedy. In fact I make nothing at all from it. But when one of the editors of our trade mag, The Actuary, found out what I do with my evenings he asked me to write a … Continue reading

Hiatus over

I’m back from the distractions of real life. Time to continue my war against reality/comedy “career”.

Make jokes not flame wars

It seems I am no longer Johnny Armstrong‘s friend on Facebook. He took exception to this post here, which described him (only half seriously) as a full time flame warrior. Then, as if he wanted to prove my point, he started flaming me on facebook. Then when I didn’t bite he unfriended me and ran … Continue reading

I’m on at Comedy Bin – Hackney tomorrow night

Come and see my try and get even better and this stand up lark down at Comedy Bin – Hackney School DropOut which is at Anatolia Bar, 253 Mare Street, London E8 3NS