Busy-ness and Business

I’ve been busy writing funny things that I hope other people will say on the wireless and other such unlikely places. That and having a bit of a life. The latter is, I fear, incompatible with stand up comedy. Which will win? Normality or my need to humiliate myself in public. Watch this space… Although … Continue reading

How not to be a stand up comedian

I’m not sure how to be a good stand up yet, but my sojourn on the open mic circuit has taught me a lot about how not to be a good stand up comedian. I thought I’d share my accumulated wisdom with you now. If the audience didn’t laugh, it’s probably because they didn’t hear … Continue reading

Losing my voice

I don’t mean a frog in my throat (although I have had that for a few weeks – my voice has been fading out as I talk, just like the end of a pretentious film). I mean my voice as a comic. Although technically you have to have one to lose it. I have just … Continue reading

Microphone Practice

How many comedians own their own mic and practice with it? Ideally you’d also need an amp and maybe headphones so you can get used to the sound of your own voice. Trouble is some people would never ever leave the house again if they could listen to themselves all day long. Just a random … Continue reading