I’m back – Gig at Party Piece on Tuesday

If you want to see my entirely unawaited return to comedy come down to Party Piece on Tuesday( 20th).  It’s at the Queen’s Head. No, not that one, this one in Islington. Advertisements

I was on at Laughing Horse Kingston

But only just! When it had past the official start time and literally ZERO audience had turned up, most of us were in favour of calling it a night (and getting back to the cold train station for the 1 and 1/2 hour journey home – cue violins). James suggested we wait till 9pm. And … Continue reading

I’m on at Touching Cloth tomorrow night

That the Dead Comedian’s Socks night at Dirty Dick’s right by Liverpool Street Station. 8 o’clock start if you fancy it. It you’re a comic (or even if you aren’t) there is also the possibility of five minutes if you ask nicely.  

Overcoming nerves

(I told you I’d be back!) It’s natural to be nervous doing stand up, even at the 2 men and half a dog level I’m at. I used to think they were a good thing, that I needed the energy from them. But it wasn’t helping. I’d fluff lines. I wouldn’t interact with the audience. … Continue reading

I’m on tonight at Dead Comedian’s Socks

I’m on tonight at Dead Comedian’s Socks. Come down to Dirty Dicks, 202 Bishopsgate, City of London , EC2M 4NR.

Jokes on Film

I’m finally getting around to doing what everyone says you should and getting filmed – at Dead Comedian’s Socks tomorrow. I know it will be useful but also cringeworthy as I watch myself back. Still if it turns out even vaguely OK it could be useful for approaching all those out of town promoters. More … Continue reading

Laughing Horse Competition – How I did

I won’t keep you in suspense. I didn’t make it. It was a lovely gig though.  The (full) crowd was up for laughing (always makes a difference), the two pros doing tens (Jay Sodagar and Robert White) were brilliant and the standard of open spot was very high. Well I would say that wouldn’t I. … Continue reading

My Laughing Horse Heat is tonight

If you want to brave the January night in order to watch open spot’s dreams die, the gig is here, at the Laughing Covent Garden (in the Goat Tavern). Google map.

I’m back

I’ve survived New Zealand. I’ve made it through Christmas  (I even got everybody presents – although Amazon didn’t deliver them all on time). I’ve had no time to do any stand up at all. And now I have a Laughing Horse Heat on the 4th January with no practice at all. I don’t think it … Continue reading

Me at Punchlines Comedy

Another fun (if subdued) gig at Punchlines last night. As it was Halloween the MC, Russ encouraged us all to come in costume (Russ came as the most terrifying thing he could think of – a chav). The miserable bastard that I am I didn’t dress up.  Neither did anyone else except Peter Dillon-Trenchard. Definitely … Continue reading