Confidence in my material

I’ve decided  that confidence in my material is quite an important thing. I mean this is in two ways.

1. I need to be confident that I’ll remember my material. Obviously.

2. I need to be confident that it’s funny.

The second is the most important as if I don’t believe it’s funny and sell it, then I’ve noticed that no one else is particularly willing to believe it’s funny either.

On the other hand, we’ve all seen those comics who re convinced their terrible material is brilliant and any audience who doubts them are just inconvenient morons.

How can we reconcile the two? Maybe by realising that part of the skill of a comedian is helping people to discover for themselves that what you are telling them is funny.  Really. It is. Honest.

When that works, it’s great. Making them laugh at things they had never thought of before is a wonderful thing. I hope to do it one day.

But the first step is to remember that damn material…


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