Busy-ness and Business

I’ve been busy writing funny things that I hope other people will say on the wireless and other such unlikely places. That and having a bit of a life. The latter is, I fear, incompatible with stand up comedy. Which will win? Normality or my need to humiliate myself in public. Watch this space… Although … Continue reading

Caversham Comedy Club

The reason I’ve not been posting so much recently is that all my time has been spent preparing for and marketing a new pro night I’m promoting, Caversham Comedy Club. Have look at the beautiful website I’ve crafted for it http://www.cavershamcomedyclub.co.uk.

Phil Zimmerman – there but for the grace of God

No time for a long post today. Just a quick thought. Phil Zimmerman,  comedian and pigoen impersonator, ruffled a few feathers (OK OK, it’s late at night and I’m tired…), when he started pecking rather too agressively in the direction of Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden. See the story here. But then lets face … Continue reading

There is no such thing as Alternative Comedy

Or at least there isn’t any more. The distinction made sense in the 70’s and 80’s when fresh faced radicals like Rik Mayall, Dawn French or Simon Munnery strove to break the stranglehold of the mother-in-law hating racists on the traditional circuit and find new ways of making people laugh that didn’t have to attack … Continue reading

Developing my comedy voice

I don’t mean silly voices, although that might be part of it. I mean developing a personal style as a performer, your persona if you will. Voice is very important. When you have a distinct and strong comic voice you can hold the audience’s attention without rapidfire gags. Your jokes become so “you” that they … Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t hate Michael Mcintyre

Michael Mcintyre

A lot of comedians, well open spot comedians specifically, seem to hate Micheal Mcintyre. I think part of it is snobbery. We all know those people who only ever liked a band before they were famous, and can’t stand their later, more commercial stuff. Similarly, comedy afficianados don’t want to be seen to like the … Continue reading

Comedians don’t get sick leave

Flu remedies

Having spent a few days ill in bed last week, I was suddenly very grateful for a day job with sick pay. If you’re a professional comic and can’t turn up no one’s going to pay you. I guess that gives you the incentive to only cancel when physically necessary. But is there a danger … Continue reading

Are Comedy Competitions Worth Doing?

Another diatribe about comedy competitions on the the chortle forums. And I’m tempted to agree with him, and not just because I haven’t (yet) got past the first round of a competition. But competitions do have their uses. The main advantage that I can see for competitions as a new act (other than the stage time) … Continue reading


What makes the difference between a good gig and a bad one? There are times, whether during a gig or writing material when it all seems to flow, everything turns into funny. My brain takes wild leaps and lands safely on a punchline. The first situation is what psychologists call “being in a flow state“. … Continue reading

To drink or not to drink

A friendly pint of beer

Do you drink before performing? I never have. I like to try and down one quickly afterwards but I don’t want the drink to slow me down. I’m also afraid that it will become something I’d need to have. I know plenty of people drink when performing, although most don’t get completely smashed (with one … Continue reading