I was on at Laughing Horse Kingston

But only just!

When it had past the official start time and literally ZERO audience had turned up, most of us were in favour of calling it a night (and getting back to the cold train station for the 1 and 1/2 hour journey home – cue violins).

James suggested we wait till 9pm. And at ten minutes to an act turned up with seven of his mates – and we had an audience!

It made a strange but intimate gig in a large room to a small crowd of people who had all at least met before but they were appreciative and laughed and were generally as lovely as you could want.

Luke Graves compered beautifully and Lou Conran was brilliant closing the first half. (I missed the second half because I didn’t fancy sleeping in Twickenham station.)

Even my set went well – laughs in the right places – and the audience visibly engaged with what I was doing. In the end it turned out to be one of those gigs that makes all the cold, tiredness, crap food, and lack of being paid for anything worth it.

One Response to “I was on at Laughing Horse Kingston”
  1. That sounds encouraging! Glad you stayed for the end 🙂

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