Phil Zimmerman – there but for the grace of God

No time for a long post today. Just a quick thought. Phil Zimmerman,  comedian and pigoen impersonator, ruffled a few feathers (OK OK, it’s late at night and I’m tired…), when he started pecking rather too agressively in the direction of Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden. See the story here. But then lets face … Continue reading

Daniel Storp and the Ambush Comedy Club

It wasn’t called the Ambush Comedy Club but it should have been. I was talking to Daniel Storp the other day – in fact he was at my Laughing Horse heat – and he told me about something that had happened to him once. He’d turned up for an open mic gig at bar somewhere. … Continue reading

Stand up comedy on Spotify

Yes there is. I’ve been listing to music on Spotify for a few years now – I was lucky enough to get an invite early on. But I never realised that there was loads of stand up on there as well. As far as I know you can’t search genres within spotify but there is … Continue reading

Being a Wannabe

Someone asked me recently why I call this blog David Sharpe – Wannabe Stand Up Comedy. Surely I should have a bit more confidence in myself and say I am a comic, just starting out maybe, but a comic nonetheless. I said: “Thank you for the question, particularly since you are a fictional construct designed … Continue reading


Damn you, wordpress and your challenges. It’s difficult to refuse without looking like a wuss. So here comes a post a day for the rest of the year (maybe). Still the don’t anything about the quality of the posts… Check out the challenge here.