On not being in Edinburgh

I’m sure it’s more fun to be there in person rather than watching go by in other people’s facebook status updates. Still at least there are plenty of open spots around at the moment! And I haven’t just bankrupted myself. So it’s all good. Apart from not being in Edinburgh. Like I said last year, … Continue reading

What to wear when performing

There has been a debate going on chortle about what to wear when performing. I’m sure it’s not the most important thing but since I need all the help I can get I reckon it’s worth thinking about. I tend to wear black work trousers (plan M&S ones if you must know), a black t-shirt … Continue reading

Trying new material

is scary. I’ve just got to the stage where I have 5 or so minutes of trusty,  people laugh at this more often than not, material; tried and tested in the furnace of the open mic circuit. More to the point, I can actually remember it. So trying out new material is a leap into … Continue reading

Too many comics?

A microphone

Every so often some one, usually a not entirely succesful comic, complains that there are too many comedians on the circuit. Especially the open mic cricuit, where, by definition, the only requirement is willingness to turn up. Slightly more experienced open mikers murmur about culls, and pulling up ladders etc. That may be true. It … Continue reading

Rambling concisely

I love getting feedback on my performances. Good constructive feedback that is. Not “Your shit, mate.” That’s not constructive criticism, unless you are training for a defecation contest. Anyway, a friend came to me watch me yesterday (doing 10 minutes so more than I have good material for!) and after gentle prompting told me I … Continue reading

Introducing myself

Welcome to the blog. Make yourself comfortable. Pour yourself another gin and tonic. Go on, you deserve it.

So this is me. Newbie comic. Getting up for five minutes in the back rooms or basements of various pubs trying to make strangers laugh.