Venue Review: Dead Comedian’s Socks

Last night I was at Dead Comedian’s Socks, ably MC’ed by Frank Cassidy. It’s downstairs at Dirty Dicks (be careful how you google that!), just by London’s Liverpool Street station.

The night gets through 18 open spots of new acts or new material plus a circuit regular doing ten minutes at the end. To keep it tight Frank makes sure everyone sticks to time by looming from the side of the stage. It helps that Frank (who is in fact a perfectly friendly gent) is physically big enough to carry off any acts who overstay their welcome.

It’s not a great place for trotting out your well-honed 5 to an appreciative crowd of genuine punters. But it is a great place to try out new material and just practice, practice, practice (that’s what I should be doing).

At some of the nights there is even the option to be filmed and put on YouTube for a fiver. Unfortunately technical problems prevented my first YouTube outing – hopefully I’ll be up there in March.

Definitely worth doing, especially if you something new you want to try out. It’s (intentionally) a night for acts rather than audience but it works on those terms. Frank manages to keep the energy up throughout and makes sure it doesn’t drag like some nights that will remain nameless. Have you signed up yet? What are waiting for?

You want to know how I did? Well that’s for another post.


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