Losing my voice

I don’t mean a frog in my throat (although I have had that for a few weeks – my voice has been fading out as I talk, just like the end of a pretentious film).

I mean my voice as a comic. Although technically you have to have one to lose it.

I have just finished reading the excellent Stewart Lee book, How I Escaped My Certain Fate (I will review it soon, honest). I love the running commentary that he provides on his own material. It’s a wonderful insight into comedy from the point of view of someone who is always taking it apart.

The trouble is I’ve started writing like Stewart Lee. Well a bit. And I’m not sure it’s really trouble. I definitely want to write as well as Stewart Lee. I’m just not sure I want to write exactly like him.

We all want to develop our own voice (as I have said before here) but maybe it can also be good to learn from the greats. That might mean sounding a bit like a sub Stewart Lee for a week or two. But I hope that after that I will have absorbed the Stewart Lee-ness into my own style and my writing will be stronger for it. We’ll see. If my next project is called “Jeremy Kyle: The Opera” you’ll know what’s happened.

One Response to “Losing my voice”
  1. Atherton says:

    you must go with the flow keep writing, and not think about whose style it is. once you’re done writing, you can tweak it around to your own style.

    best of luck with the writing!

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