Daniel Storp and the Ambush Comedy Club

It wasn’t called the Ambush Comedy Club but it should have been.

I was talking to Daniel Storp the other day – in fact he was at my Laughing Horse heat – and he told me about something that had happened to him once.

He’d turned up for an open mic gig at bar somewhere. But even though he only got there half an hour before it was meant to start there was no sign of a stage, a backdrop or even a microphone. He asked the compere where the gig was going to be.

“Here. In the bar.”

“But there’s nothing set up…” The only thing for miles around were tables full of happy people drinking and talking to their friends.

“Don’t worry, it’s under control.”

So Daniel didn’t worry. He went back to sipping his shandy and talking to the other open spots. (“Have I seen you before.” “I don’t think so.” “Bristol?” “I’ve never been to Bristol.” “It must have been Newcastle then. Or do you have a brother?”)

Then, 2 minutes before the gig is meant to start, a backdrop and a mic with mic stand and even a tiny pallette stage appear as if from nowhere to the bemusement of the drinkers at nearby tables. Then the compere jumps up on the stage and shouts:

“Welcome to [Ambush] Comedy Club!”

As soon as the “audience” realised what was happening they started, politely, to leave. Those that didn’t notice just carried on talking.

In fairness, the compere did try to quiet to quiet them down before the first act came on. Unfortunately his chosen hack put down wasn’t really appropriate.

(sarcastic voice) “I’m sorry. Has someone come and built a comedy club around you without you realising?”

Yes. Yes they have.


One Response to “Daniel Storp and the Ambush Comedy Club”
  1. I just finished reading comic Mike Birbiglia’s book called SLEEPWALK WITH ME. In it, he talks about similar awful experiences like having to perform in the middle of crowded cafeterias in colleges. That’s awful!!!! I hope your next gig is better…

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