Stand up comedy on Spotify

Yes there is.

I’ve been listing to music on Spotify for a few years now – I was lucky enough to get an invite early on. But I never realised that there was loads of stand up on there as well.

As far as I know you can’t search genres within spotify but there is a good listing of the comedy that’s available here.

I should also thank Pansentient for pointing out the existence of comedy on spotify.

Oh and if that wasn’t good enough there are plenty of old Goon Show albums on there as well.


One Response to “Stand up comedy on Spotify”
  1. Jer says:

    Thanks for the link David! I recently added a new What’s New on Spotify page at:

    You can search on genre, so for example “comedy” shows new additions this week from Rowan Atkinson and Stefan Jürgens.


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