Being a Wannabe

Someone asked me recently why I call this blog David Sharpe – Wannabe Stand Up Comedy. Surely I should have a bit more confidence in myself and say I am a comic, just starting out maybe, but a comic nonetheless.

I said: “Thank you for the question, particularly since you are a fictional construct designed to allow me to monologue about one of my favourite subjects, me.”

He said: “You’re welcome.” And disappeared into a puff of post-modern self congratulation.

So why have I called it that? Because I am. A wannabe. I am not yet very good at this stand up lark. I want to get better but there’s no point in pretending I’ve cracked it yet. Yes I can get people to laugh (when they are in the right mood anyway) but I know how far I have to go.

It’s also a pleasant counter to the level of sheer chancerness that exists in any performing art. When will they learn that it only makes them look stupid if they promise that they can close the Comedy Store and they only know three jokes and they were nicked from Roy “Chubby” Brown.

One day I hope to remove the Wannabe from the title of this blog. When I have you’ll know that I’ve moved up a level. Or lost it completely.

One Response to “Being a Wannabe”
  1. I understand exactly how you feel. I’m proud to call myself a wannabe. I’m a wannabe novelist and screenwriter. Wannabes do everything everyone else does- go to work, cut the grass clean the house, pay the bills etc. – and then we keep going. We don’t whine about not having time to pursue our dreams – we just bravely get out there and DO IT!!! I have a blog and an online support group for wannabe actors, writers, comics, musicians etc called Wannabe Pride. I hope you will check it out.
    I LOVE stand-up comedy so I look forward to reading more from you. Good luck!!!

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