Laughing Horse Competition – How I did

I won’t keep you in suspense. I didn’t make it.

It was a lovely gig though.  The (full) crowd was up for laughing (always makes a difference), the two pros doing tens (Jay Sodagar and Robert White) were brilliant and the standard of open spot was very high. Well I would say that wouldn’t I. Since I was one of them. And not one of the best. In the judges opinion. Which obviously I respect. But I don’t agree with. Because I am an egotistical bastard. 🙂

Still that’s what you get for not gigging for two months beforehand. Getting the mic cable caught on the mic stand at the beginning of my set didn’t help project an image of professionalism either.

The thoroughly deserving heat winner was James Loveridge. Easily the best on the night. And there were 4 other lucky, I mean deserving runners up. I do honestly wish them the best in the next rounds. Because, if the winner comes from my heat I can bask for a moment in the reflected glory. A bit.

I did think about expressing my feelings about it in a poem
(Oh lovely Laughing Horse
Why won’t you titter at me?)
But fortunately I thought better of it.

There’s always next year. And the year after. (How long exactly can I stay a “new act”?)

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