My Laughing Horse Heat is tonight

If you want to brave the January night in order to watch open spot’s dreams die, the gig is here, at the Laughing Covent Garden (in the Goat Tavern).

Google map.

2 Responses to “My Laughing Horse Heat is tonight”
  1. Tim Roast says:

    Interestingly WordPress have pointed out that an article entitled: “Susan dreamed a dream” could be a related article. However I think Subo and Laughing Horse heats are completely different worlds, although you never know…

    • David Sharpe says:

      There will be lots of apparent no-hopers at the Laughing Horse heats but I think we are all a lot less likely to be catapulted to sudden fame and fortune, even if we win! Unless Simon Cowell turns up. But then in comedy you are allowed to look a little odd.

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