The Topp Twins

The plane trip back to NZ it seemed an appropriate place to catch up on a little of my heritage, so I was looking out for what Kiwiana was on offer. After finishing off the various All Blacks matches I stumbled upon a documentary about the Topp Twins, TOPP TWINS: Untouchable Girls.

Now, yodelling lesbian farm girl twin sisters singing country music may  sound like more like a wierd fetish than a comedy act, let alone an act that would get any mainstream success. But for years these girls where one of, if not the, biggest comedy music acts in New Zealand.

They had their own TV series in the 90’s and have toured America as well as NZ and Oz. But they never became as well known overseas as, say, The Flight of the Conchords, who they undoubtedly influenced.

I think British people are likely to be bemused rather than amused by the Topp Twins, genuis though they are, because they are just so Kiwi. If you found Flight of the Conchords hard to understand, don’t bother. But if you have an open mind or an Antipodean connection give it go.

Yodelling lesbian farm girl twins


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