The Curious Adventures of Daniel Storp, or the Dangers of Poor Handwriting

I was doing an open mic gig, a few months ago, at a club that shall remain nameless (but is a simian based commercial enterprise). Fortunately I had checked the running order. I had written my name down first, that meant I was on first. Which is why I was surprised to hear the compere introduce “our first act,  Daniel Storp!” No one moved. “Daniel Storp!” he said again. By this time I’d figured out what had happened and went up to the stage.

“It’s David Sharpe, actually.” I ad libbed wittily. And then carried on as if nothing had happened.

But the name stayed with me. I had been given a new identity. Or had I inadvertently stolen someone else’s? Was there a Daniel Storp out there somewhere being introduced as David Sharpe and thinking “not that again!”. But what to do with this alternative self that had been thrust upon me? How could I  use it to change the world for the better? Or at least avoid being bored?

Then it hit me. Why not use this alternative self that was thrust upon me to document the trials and tribulations and very rare moments of  that make up the life of an open mic comedian? These stories are partly based on me (edited to make me look better), partly based on horror stories from my fellow travellers and partly made up because they were funny.  (I hate to break it to you, kids, but sometimes… comedians lie.  And Father Christmas… No I won’t say anything  – you have to believe in something.)

I won’t be telling which bits are carefully disguised reality and which are carefully constructed inanity. That is for m’learned libel lawyer friends to figure out.

So tune in next week for more amazing adventures of Daniel Storp. Or something.

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