Why you shouldn’t hate Michael Mcintyre

A lot of comedians, well open spot comedians specifically, seem to hate Micheal Mcintyre.

Michael Mcintyre

Resist the urge to slap the screen.

I think part of it is snobbery. We all know those people who only ever liked a band before they were famous, and can’t stand their later, more commercial stuff. Similarly, comedy afficianados don’t want to be seen to like the same comedy as everyone else.

Now at the risk of sounding like a jealous snob, Michel Mcintyre is not my favourite comedian. I personally prefer surreal acts or those playing with really clever concepts. But I can still appreciate how good he is at what he does.

Anyone who can make a whole theatre of people laugh just by skipping and bobbing his head has to be recognised as a comedy genius.

Not only that but he has given a lot back to comedy. Once he’d made it megabig he could have got any kind of show on the telly – chat show, sketch show, one man vehicle (eg Stephen K Amos or Omid Djalili).  Instead he chose to front a series that got circuit regulars TV exposure and brought the idea of live stand up comedy to a large TV audience.

So next time you feel like slagging off MM, don’t. Take a deep breath, eat a biscuit, bang your fists on a pillow if you must. Then remember that you want to be as successful as him one day and that envy is for losers and get on with your comedy life.


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