Me at Punchlines Comedy

Another fun (if subdued) gig at Punchlines last night. As it was Halloween the MC, Russ encouraged us all to come in costume (Russ came as the most terrifying thing he could think of – a chav). The miserable bastard that I am I didn’t dress up.  Neither did anyone else except Peter Dillon-Trenchard. Definitely extra points for style.

We were also up towards the toilets under some interesting coloured lights, and the audience were all far too comfortable sitting at the back to laugh too much, although Jeff Steele did get them worked up with his thouroughly filthy material.

I was on first and felt OK about how I did, not a lot of belly laughs but a decent reaction. I thought I went too fast and may have swallowed a few potential laughs but that’s easily done when there’s no auditory feedback from the audience!

Once again more than half the acts didn’t turn up – which meant I had 10 minutes but seems a little disrespectful to the promoter and the audience. Especially the people that didn’t even phone up and cancel. You won’t be doing that at my gigs. Not twice anyway.

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