Are Comedy Competitions Worth Doing?

Another diatribe about comedy competitions on the the chortle forums. And I’m tempted to agree with him, and not just because I haven’t (yet) got past the first round of a competition.

But competitions do have their uses.

Your victory may not be as spectacular

The main advantage that I can see for competitions as a new act (other than the stage time) is that if you do get through a round or two, it’s something to put on your CV that proves that someone reasonably comedy literate thinks you’re OK or slightly better. That’s got to help when trying to get gigs unseen with new promoters.

But the problem is that I have seen too many excellent acts not get through, (and I don’t just mean myself, hem hem), and some rather less obviously talented people progress.

Comedy is not objective. Winning a competition doesn’t prove that you’re a better comic than those you beat. And losing doesn’t prove you aren’t any good. But winning would still be nice.

2 Responses to “Are Comedy Competitions Worth Doing?”
  1. Thanks for your thoughts on this – I have been thinking about creating a post on this topic in my stand-up theory blog Premise PUNCH Tag and you’ve given me some things to think about for sure.

    • Jamie says:

      If it’s Laughing Horse – TAKE FRIENDS ALONG!

      However, if you’re like me and you don’t like being your comedy self in front of people you know, then you’ve got to be the absolute best act on the night to get through that competition.

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