Venue Review: Laughtershock Shoreditch

I did Laughtershock‘s Shoreditch gig on Tuesday night, compered and booked by Phillip Jones. I’m not sure he books acts unseen so to get a gig here impress Phillip somehow (exactly how I leave up to you).

I really enjoyed the gig, partly through being on with some excellent acts (eg Rosie Wilby, JasonPatterson, Stevie Gray), so it was something of a masterclass. Also there were an audience of 10 or more (well it varied a but over the night) who got into the night and enjoyed themselves. Definitely worth doing. And I got a free drink.

The room is well set up for comedy in general, although the sofas are a bit too comfortable – audiences laugh more sitting up straught. There are a couple of downsides (if you want to be picky):

  • The toilets are off the room, so random punters do have to walk through, but at least they can sneak round the back;
  • and the room is visible from the door so, in theory, a passer by could run in, heckle from the little hecklers balcony and run out again before you can hit them with a crushing put down.

But don’t let that put you off. Worth doing. (Did I mention the free drink?)


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