Make jokes not flame wars

It seems I am no longer Johnny Armstrong‘s friend on Facebook. He took exception to this post here, which described him (only half seriously) as a full time flame warrior.

Then, as if he wanted to prove my point, he started flaming me on facebook. Then when I didn’t bite he unfriended me and ran away. Oh well.

There are only two requirements to be a successful flame warrior.

  1. Knowledge of at least three naughty words.
  2. Persistance, ie the ability to keep repeating the same insults ad nauseum.

Unfortunately although I probably could learn three naughty words, I just don’t have the sheer boneheaded stickability to win a flame war. That’s what happens when you have a life.

Still it has given this blog record viewing figures (not that that was hard). So it’s all good.

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