Comedy Bin, Horatia Bar – Venue Review

Another Comedy Bin gig. Another gig in a pub. Another good gig. I’m starting to lose my prejudice against gigs in the main bar of a pub. It’s free entry for all (like all Comedy Bin gigs). So you have nothing to lose in asking friends down (other than their respect when they see your act but that’s not the venue’s fault).

The pub runs music nights so it has a little music stage and a massive stack of speakers. It looks like a mini rock festival… that happens in a tattered London pub…sort of.

The pub is a little rundown, but that is refreshing after some of the over developed boozers found in London now. It’s clean and the chairs work (mostly). The sell beer for less than £4 a pint. What more could you want?

A real audience? They had plenty. Once again the audience outnumbered the acts. (Partly because a number of the acts hadn’t turned up.)

The night is compered in an inimitable madcap style by Patrizia Paolini.Who mixes in the odd poem in between playing some children’s toys she brought along especially. The most unusual compere I have ever seen – but it works.
And the gig overall? Worth doing.

How did I do? Yes, that’s in another post.


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