Venue Review – Comedy Bin @ Anatolia Bar, Hackney

I was at yet another comedy bin gig last night, this time in the Anatolia Bar, Hackney.

The room is scarily big and hard to fill, but they do manage to set it up quite snugly for comedy.

There was a decent crowd in last night. Audience outnumbered acts and we even had a couple of hecklers. Which I dealt with spectacularly by letting them have all the funniest lines… Oh well.

The compere Jack Samuel Warner kept control admirably. Although it is always going to take a while to crack through 15 acts.

So the only problem I had was getting home. It didn’t help that National Express East Anglia decided to cancel all the trains to Liverpool Street without even putting up a notice.  So it took me over an hour to get to Paddington and I didn’t get home until 3 am. Hackney is a bit of a public transport black hole. You have been warned.

But otherwise a good solid open mic. Genuine audience. Decent venue. Free entry. No one getting ripped off. What more do you want?

How did I do last night? Well, that’s for another post.


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