Venue Review – Comedy Bin @ Carnivale

I was on at the Comedy Bin open mic at Carnivale last night. (It’s pronounced “Carnival” – yes, I did ask.)

It’s not a bad space for comedy – but it is unusual. It’s a fairly small room with the stage by the door and the bar at the far end. There’s also a mezzanine floor which overlooks the stage, but only those sitting right at the front of that can see or be  seen by the comedians.

They serve food all night – although I didn’t try it myself – and a standard range of drinks. Well usually they do. Last night, after a heavy weekend almost every draught beer was off. The manager reckons he’s got it sorted from next week so there’s no need to worry too much – besides how much are you going to drink before a gig anyway?

It was probably about half and half audience and acts, not a bad ratio for a London open mic. The regular compere Gwilum Argos warmed everyone up nicely and kept the night moving.

Overall a nice room for getting some stage time or trying out some new stuff. Some real audience usually available. It’s not the Comedy Store but then what did you expect?

How did I do last night? Well that’s for another post.


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