Comedy Bin – Carnivale last night: How I did.

How did I do at the Comedy Bin open mic at Carnivale last night?

Ok. I think.

I went on last in the first half – a nice slot. Everyone had done well. Craig Chambers just before me had ripped the room up so it was a warmed up crowd. They weren’t laughing madly but they were enjoying the show.

My first two minutes went down well. The middle sagged a bit. I lost a lot of energy with my banker (as in, people who work in banks, not sure fire!) stuff which really isn’t tight enough. But my trusty closer got a good laugh to get me out of there. Oh and a bit of site specific randomness about apes got some good laughs. Gotta like that.

I enjoyed it alot more than last week. The audience were laughing. I was enjoying the stage much more and presented my material better.  I still was not selling it as much as I could. I think I need to practice flirting with the audience more. Telling each joke to them, instead of just at them.

But that’s what practice is for. And, if you wish,  you can see me practising even more tomorrow night.


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