Party Piece – Venue Review

Party Piece, now in its new venue, The Queens Head in Islington, was really good last night.

The Pub itself is an old-fashioned Victorian affair, gently updated, relaxed and clean. Although the comedy is in the main bar, there is room for a decent group of committed audience to sit around the stage. The less interested can sit on the sofas at the other end or order drinks at the bar without getting in anyone’s way. Getting to the loo, on the other hand involves walking right past the stage, but you can’t have everything.

Only about 8 or 9 acts turned up last night (OK it’s still tonight, just) but even so audience comfortable outnumbered acts.

Suzi Ruffell compered beautifully and set the audience up to laugh. I particularly enjoyed the set of a man whose name I have rudely and stupidly forgotten and his long exposition on the Cliff Richard Calendar. You know who you are sir. A Good night.

I, on the other hand was not so good, but that’s a topic for another post.

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