Pearshaped – August 4th.

I was on at Pearshaped (in the Fitzroy Tavern) again last night.

In the first half there were only four members of the audience. Being outnumbered by the acts it’s not surprising that they felt a bit too scared to laugh. Which was a bit harsh on the acts including Rosie Martin and Gwyllum Argos.

Regular comperes, Brian Damage &Krystal and Anthony Miller, were very funny as always. I was particularly pleased to hear a couple of Brian and Krystal songs I hadn’t heard before. I thought I’d made my way through their whole current reportoire.

I was on first in the second half and the audience had swelled to a total of seven people. That and the addition of alcohol during the break helped them to laugh at almost everything in my set. It was  mostly new material, which it looks like I’ll keep based on last night.

The headliner Angus Lindsay kept the audience captivated with his charisma, tales of giant snails and exceptionally posh voice.

As always Pearshaped was shambolic fun, never taking itself too seriously but always keeping things running smoothly behind the chaos.


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