See the London Open Mic Gig list here!

For some time Johnny Armstrong (part time comedian, full time flame warrior) has maintained this list of gigs in London and environs which let inexperienced comics have a go.

Now he’s decided that it’s time to cut the apron strings and let the  open mic list roam free, ie he doesn’t want to do it anymore. So I have given the list a home here on my blog.

If you have any corrections or additions let me know. I don’t promise to actively maintain it but I’ll do what I can (or what I can be bothered to!).

Now go out and find some gigs! (That’s what I was supposed to be doing.)

PS The list currently includes some of Johnny’s libellous comments. I will be going through and deleting these soon, so enjoy them while you can.

4 Responses to “See the London Open Mic Gig list here!”
  1. becky fury says:

    how altruistic of you.

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