Punchlines Comedy Reading 25th July 2010 – Venue Review

Gigged at Punchlines, Reading for the first time last night.  I only live half a mile away so that made it a welcome break from the late night train travel I have after most gigs!

The gig is in a bar in the centre of Reading,  Deja Vu.

When I got there I was worried. The mic was set  up in middle of the bar, no seperate room. More than that it was set up right in front of the bar.I have been to enough of these “mic in a bar” gigs to know what you usually get – a crowd of drinkers who refuse to listen and trickle out so that the last person on is left telling jokes to the MC.

Not here though.  The staff were very supportive. They closed the bar during the show and closed the doors to control entry.

The staff very good at getting audience to sit down face front and concentrate.

And it was a genuine audience who outnumbered the comics. How often would you get that at a London open mic?

There is one practical problem for those needed to get away early. Because of the set up you will probably have to walk in front of the stage.  Something that takes good timing to get right. But timing is something comics should have, right?

A few drop outs meant there were only 6 comics on which meant we got a decent chunk each. I particularly enjoyed Stevie Gray’s manic comic songs but no one died. The audience weren’t laughing madly but you could see they were having a good time. There seemed to be a few regulars already even though it’s only run a few times.

Good times – made even better because I could just walk home. I was in bed before midnight on a comedy night!

These gigs are currently once a month – on the last Sunday. Check out the Facebook group for more details.


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