Introducing myself

Welcome to the blog. Make yourself comfortable. Pour yourself another gin and tonic. Go on, you deserve it.

So this is me. Newbie comic. Getting up for five minutes in the back rooms or basements of various pubs trying to make strangers laugh.

At least half of these are usually other wannabe comics. Which makes it even harder. They’re not listening because they’re preparing for their own 5, or analysing why no one laughed at their jokes. And even if they do listen they are not a “realistic” audience – comedians, even amateurs laugh at different things. And laughter, real genuine audience laughter is the closest thing to payment that we get.

So why do we keep going?

Money? We don’t get any. It costs us money. We pay our own expenses.

Fame? Not yet anyway. Although there are many deluded souls on the open mic circuit who believe that they will be the next big thing. I am not one of them obviously. I will be the next big thing. Hem hem.

Still, if nothing else, it does give you a reputation among your friends of having more than usually slight grasp of reality. (Yes, I had to stop and work out what that sentence meant as well.)

Why do we do it? Fun. That’s what we keep telling ourselves.

Most of the time it is. And when it isn’t? That’s for another post.


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